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Boomboxes and Cameras and Mics, Oh My

We've seen a big influx of vintage electronics coming through, and we couldn't be happier. There are a few noteworthy things about vintage equipment that makes them great to collect and search for.
For one thing, they have a certain aesthetic that echoes the time period that they were produced in that can be almost impossible to reproduce today in some cases. They give us a look into what was considered "vogue" not just in terms of technology, but also how consumers expected their electronics to look and feel. A person buying a boombox in the 80's expected their unit to be big, squared off, and with all kinds of professional and almost militaristic looking dials and buttons to play with, while a person nowadays may expect to find a more compact, streamlined design with minimal buttons to interact with.
But of course, there is also the fact that a lot of vintage stuff can work for you just as well as the day they were made! Modern equipment still has a hard time mimicking the unique images a 1950's Rolleiflex can create, or the warm and earthy tones of a 1970's tube amplifier. Broken equipment often be brought back to life with the right tools or parts, and provide a fun weekend of diving into the workings of a piece of technology from a bygone age.

So before you go out and buy that new JBL Boombox, or throw out that old Leica camera lens you found in grandpa's stash, stop by us instead, and we may set you up with something you didn't know you were looking for, or find a new home for your old electronic!