Fieldpiece SRL8 Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector

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9-inch Flex-Probe Extension - RFE2

State-of-the-Art Heated Diode Sensor
Sensitivity better than 0.1 oz/yr
15-hour rechargeable lithium ion battery with wall and vehicle chargers
CFC, HFC, HCFC, and blends
Manual or automatic zeroing
Filter system helps protect the sensor from moisture and other contaminants
Manual or automatic zeroing
Up and running in 30 seconds
Rugged / Ergonomic Features
Ruggedized boot and it fits in your hand
Heated Diode Sensor lasts up to 5 years (depending on use and exposure)
Audible/Visual Alarm
LED display
Non-conductive, Sturdy Probe
Magnetic Hanger

Good cosmetic and working condition

Some wear was difficult to capture in pictures

Has scratches, scuffs, marks, dust, dirt, stains, etc.

**Wear/tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs because of normal wear or aging
B1 - 19450-EJ