READ 1st Antique Art Deco Metal Elephant Table Lamp and Brown Glass Shade

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Elephant base
Brown glass shade
Antique exact year unknown
Art Deco
Metal unknown
Double elephant design
Table Lamp
Brown glass shade
Approx. 10.5" W x 8.75" H x 4.7” D (base with mount)
Approx. 10" W x 6.5" H x 4.7"D (base)
Approx. 7.5" H x 3.5" Dia. (shade)
Lamp is missing bulb fixture/mount and electronics/cord plug

For sale is the base and shade only

Good cosmetic condition

Some wear was difficult to capture in pictures

Base has scratches, scuffs, marks, dust, dirt, aging, build up, etc.

Uncertain if shade was designed with intentional crack-like or if glass has simply aged over time

**Wear/tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs because of normal wear or aging