Vintage 1980's Lowrey Micro Genie V100 Electronic Keyboard w/ Drum Machine

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Power supply
Original box

49 full-sized keys (C to C / 4 octaves + semitone)

8-note polyphony
5 preset selection buttons, with two preset voices each (by an additional button):
String Ensemble / Brass Ensemble
Piano / Organ
Hawaiian Guitar / Jazz Organ
Harpsichord / Clarinet
Vibraphone / Jazz Flute
5 rhythm selection buttons, with two rhythms each (by an additional button):
Waltz / Tango
Samba / Rhumba
Bosa Nova / Slow Rock
Rock / Disco
Swing / March Polka
4 effect selection buttons:
AOC (Automatic Organ Computer) - automatically adds notes to a melody played in Genie or Music Chord mode, based on the chord being played
Ensemble - Adds fast phase modulation, has priority over Stereo Phaze; also adds medium sustain to right-hand presets
Stereo Phaze - Adds slow phase modulation
Sustain - adds long sustain to right-hand presets
4 "Magic Genie" buttons, for controlling the function of the C1 through F#2 keys:
Full Keyboard - keys in this range function the same as the rest of the keyboard
Genie - up to four notes can be played in the noted range, with lowest note played corresponding to the bass note; staccato
Music Chord - plays a three-note chord of type major, minor, seventh, or minor seventh; plays arpeggio when rhythm is playing
Chord Memory - continues to play the last chord played after the keys are released
sliding potentiometers for
Genie volume
Bass volume
Arpeggio volume (only applicable in Music Chord mode with the rhythm playing)
Rhythm volume
Rhythm speed
Master volume
two relatively small speakers in a stereo arrangement
three methods of being powered:
120V AC input, using a two-pin "radio" cord
12V DC power adapter, plug tip negative
eight "D" cells

Good cosmetic and working condition

Some wear was difficult to capture in pictures

Has scratches, scuffs, marks, dust, dirt, aging, etc.

Box has obvious wear, tears, stains, aging, etc.

**Wear/tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs because of normal wear or aging